The main objective is to influence the technicians and shops work culture, with Jaltest’s “Shop 4.0” vision. With the intention of a complete integration: allowing to build a cloud sharing network for each customer, no matter how many units or different brands they own; advanced diagnostics, repair guides & technical data and customer support & technical assistance. In the end, providing solutions to every independent repair technicians/shops, mobile repair, official dealers, surveyors, industrial technicians/companies, yacht owners, marinas, marine rental places, …

“Get the job done correctly and fast from the first time, with Jaltest Marine”.

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Jaltest MARINE Diagnostics, is the Industry’s Most Complete All-makes & All-systems tool

Main Benefits of having Jaltest Marine: 

Perfect secondary tool. Jaltest Marine is the perfect complement for your OEM Solution. Expand your business with the brands you don’t represent.

 Become the main shop of your region. No matter the make or the vessel, you will be able to assist everyone. Meet all your customer’s needs.

For mobile repair. You might have OEM limit restrictions in the number of tools you get. Jaltest Marine will bypass that problem and you will be able to do your external visits with only one tool for all makes.

Manage all your locations from one device. Jaltest Marine GRP allows you manage all your operations in one single cloud sharing network, no matter how many tools or laptops you have.

What can you expect from Jaltest Marine Diagnostics?

Dealer Level All-makes diagnostics: Automatic detection of systems and fault codes, manual diagnostics, live sensor monitoring & data sea trial recorder, parameters programming (injector coding, levers calibration, …), actuation & system checking of components, maintenance functionalities, calibrations, operation data, diagnostics reports.

 Embedded technical information: System technical data, component images, location, and operational values, interactive wiring diagrams, vessel service data, vessel technical data, troubleshooting guides by fault codes & symptoms, technical bulletins and procedures, maintenance reports.

 Cloud sharing management tool: Create a customer and engine/vessel list, access all reports, create different user IDs, assign work orders, extract workshop time reports, control the tool use history. Connect all your Jaltest and Laptops in the same cloud sharing network at no extra cost.

ALL-IN-ONE solution that can fix anything!

Many dealers are currently using our platform, for diesel and gasoline engines. For very little money in a ROI perspective, dealerships have realized the huge improvement they get by adding a secondary tool to their businesses.

 All-makes is the way to go for dealers in other industries like commercial vehicles and cars. Why? Because they can scan any vehicle in few seconds with one single tool: same software layout, same interface, same way of using the platform to connect to any make or model; that means All-solutions. They leave the OE software for warranty jobs.

 Same thing is happening with marine official shops and the industry finally has that all-in-one tool that satisfies all vessel challenging needs. With Jaltest Marine Diagnostics that is possible!

Customer support and technical assistance: In 3 different languages (English, Spanish & French). By phone, email and remote assistance. USA-based.


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