The main objective is to influence the technicians and shops work culture, with Jaltest’s “Shop 4.0” vision. With the intention of a complete integration: allowing to build a cloud sharing network for each customer, no matter how many units or different brands they own; advanced diagnostics, repair guides & technical data and customer support & technical assistance. In the end, providing solutions to every independent repair technicians/shops, mobile repair, official dealers, surveyors, industrial technicians/companies, yacht owners, marinas, marine rental places, …

“Get the job done correctly and fast from the first time, with Jaltest Marine”.

Jaltest MARINE Diagnostics Video How to's and Examples usage.

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Demo's and Webinars

Demo Connecting to Engines
Diagnostics on a Yamaha
Jaltest Helps Grow Your Business
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Key Learning Process
Gate Calibration
How to Perform a Tial 
Recording Process with Jaltest
Recording Process on Sea-Doo
Recording Process on a Kawasaki