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Diagnostics equipment aimed for nautical shops where repair and/or maintenance services are performed in several types of vessels, such as: Inboard, outboard and watercraft. This solution also includes diagnostics for stationary engines. This wide coverage, as well as the additional diagnostic modules (Jaltest Marine INFO, GRP, Troubleshooting), makes the Jaltest Marine Full Kit" the industry-leading diagnostic solution.

All-makes, all-systems diagnostics tool developed to perform the most advanced vessel & stationary engine diagnostics and maintenance tasks in an easy and intuitive way.

Jaltest Marine is not limited to reading fault codes on vessel systems, it also features bi-directional controls and guided trouble shooting.

Jaltest Marine after-sales support is focused on delivering professional services to the shop through:

  1. Technical Assistance.
  1. Training & e-Learning.
  1. Specialized Customer Support


  • Jaltest Marine Interface Kit
  • Full Software (Inboard, Outboard, Watercraft, Stationary Engine) and License w/ 1 year of activation
  • Panasonic Rugged Toughbook (Refurbished)
  • Boat cable kit
  • Jet Ski cable kit
  • Diesel/Stationary cable kit


  • If you want to add more cables or remove any of the cable kits, please contact us.


 Cables Included in this Kit

  • JDC 601A Yamaha Cable
  • JDC 603A Mercury Cable 4 Pins
  • JDC 604.9* Mercury Cable 10 Pins (MEFI 1-4)
  • JDC 527A Volvo Pental Diesel Cable
  • JDC 608A Honda Cable
  • JDC 609.9* Evinrude Cable
  • JDC 611A OBD-M cabe / Volvo Penta EGCl Cable 6 Pins
  • JDC 612A Yanmar Cable 3 Pins
  • JDC 613A Suzuki Cable 8 Pins
  • JDC 614A* Mercury Cable 2 Pins
  • JDC 616A Suzuki Cable 4 Pins
  • JDC 617A DTS Mercury/Mercruiser Cable
  • JDC 618A9 Volvo Penta KAD/KAMD/TAMD Cable
  • JDC 602A BRP Seadoo Cable
  • JDC 660M BRP Seadoo Cable Key Programmer
  • JDC 610A Kawasaki Cable 4 Pins
  • JDC 641M Kawasaki Power Cable 6 Pins
  • JDC 661M Yamaha Key Programmer Adapter
  • JDC 662M Kawasaki Key Programmer Adapter
  • JDC 217.9 Deutsch 9 pin type 2 green
  • JDC 505A CAT cable
  • JDC 528A Volvo Penta 8 pins diagnosis cable (V3,V4)
  • JDC 538A Yanmar Cable 6 Pins