The main objective is to influence the technicians and shops work culture, with Jaltest’s “Shop 4.0” vision. With the intention of a complete integration: allowing to build a cloud sharing network for each customer, no matter how many units or different brands they own; advanced diagnostics, repair guides & technical data and customer support & technical assistance. In the end, providing solutions to every independent repair technicians/shops, mobile repair, official dealers, surveyors, industrial technicians/companies, yacht owners, marinas, marine rental places, …

“Get the job done correctly and fast from the first time, with Jaltest Marine.”



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Jaltest MARINE Diagnostics, is the Industry’s Most Complete All-makes & All-systems tool

The Jaltest Marine Inboard Kit has been developed for Inboard all inboard engines.

As with all available diagnostics Kits, Jaltest Marine encompasses the same great functionalities and extensive diesel & gasoline coverage for marine businesses, shipyards, nautical shops, and specialists to repair and maintain any vessel and stationary engine. The approach is unique in this industry, with innovative solutions never seen before in the marine sector.

 Jaltest MARINE Diagnostics, is the Industry’s Most Complete All-makes & All-systems tool, delivering outstanding performance with a Software Coverage which improves with every update each 4 months. Jaltest do not just cover proprietary diagnostic codes and bi-directional controls, it walks you through the repair process, thanks to the embedded Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guides. This means that technicians only need ONE HARDWARE, ONE SOFTWARE AND ONE LICENSE, for an All-makes & All-models global solution. No need for multiple costly OE tools and laptops for you to grow your business and get the job done.

With Jaltest Marine you will be able to expand the brands you cover and also improve the results that you already have. It outperforms many OEM tools, with the technical information, a cloud sharing management tool (create a customer and engine list, access all reports, create different users, assign work orders,…) and the support (by email, phone and remote assistance); and all in one tool.

What can you expect from Jaltest Marine Diagnostics?

Dealer Level All-makes diagnostics: Automatic detection of systems and fault codes, manual diagnostics, live sensor monitoring & data sea trial recorder, parameters programming (injector coding, levers calibration, …), actuation & system checking of components, maintenance functionalities, calibrations, operation data, diagnostics reports.

Embedded technical information: System technical data, component images, location, and operational values, interactive wiring diagrams, vessel service data, vessel technical data, troubleshooting guides by fault codes & symptoms, technical bulletins and procedures, maintenance reports.

Cloud sharing management tool: Create a customer and engine/vessel list, access all reports (diagnostics, maintenance, work order), create different user IDs (and determine the user type level of use), assign work orders, extract workshop time reports, control the tool use history. Connect all your Jaltest and Laptops in the same cloud sharing network at no extra cost.

Customer support and technical assistance: In 3 different languages (English, Spanish & French). By phone, email and remote assistance. USA-based.

ALL-IN-ONE solution that can fix anything!

Technicians have been struggling since late 1990s and the arrival of electronic. A vast mechanical knowledge is no longer enough to get the job done, and each year engine technology continues evolving focused on more electronic elements and increasing the complexity of repairs. Either you embrace the hardware/software needed or you are out of the game. These new tasks could only be performed by OEM diagnostics tools in the past, and these are not always available to the public. How can I get into the electronics of the system? OEMs have historically taken advantage of this situation by being the only repair option. Until now that is!

With more systems coming online, the market continues to look for that ALL-IN-ONE solution that can fix anything that comes through the shop doors and maintains the quality of the original equipment. Jaltest Marine Diagnostics is that tool!

Great work has recognition, and Jaltest is proud winner of the 2019 IBEX/NMMA Innovation Awards. It is one of the most distinctive tributes in the sector that recognizes the work of manufacturers who introduce outstanding innovative products to the market. Among the winners, top manufacturers like Evinrude & Volvo Penta, also received the prize in other categories. This is just the beginning, expect continuous improvements as Jaltest grow in helping you solve the problems that the future has in store for us.




Diagnostics equipment aimed for nautical shops where repair and/or maintenance services are performed in several types of vessels, such as: Inboard, outboard and watercraft. This solution also includes diagnostics for stationary engines. This wide coverage, as well as the additional diagnostic modules (Jaltest Marine INFO, GRP, Troubleshooting), makes the Jaltest Marine Full Kit" the industry-leading diagnostic solution.

All-makes, all-systems diagnostics tool developed to perform the most advanced vessel & stationary engine diagnostics and maintenance tasks in an easy and intuitive way.

Jaltest Marine is not limited to reading fault codes on vessel systems, it also features bi-directional controls and guided trouble shooting.

Jaltest Marine after-sales support is focused on delivering professional services to the shop through:

  1. Technical Assistance.
  1. Training & e-Learning.
  1. Specialized Customer Support


  • Jaltest Marine Interface Kit
  • Full Software (Inboard, Outboard, Watercraft, Stationary Engine) and License w/ 1 year of activation
  • Panasonic Rugged Toughbook (Refurbished)
  • Boat cable kit
  • Jet Ski cable kit
  • Diesel/Stationary cable kit


  • If you want to add more cables or remove any of the cable kits, please contact us.


 Cables Included in this Kit

  • JDC 601A Yamaha Cable
  • JDC 603A Mercury Cable 4 Pins
  • JDC 604.9* Mercury Cable 10 Pins (MEFI 1-4)
  • JDC 527A Volvo Pental Diesel Cable
  • JDC 608A Honda Cable
  • JDC 609.9* Evinrude Cable
  • JDC 611A OBD-M cabe / Volvo Penta EGCl Cable 6 Pins
  • JDC 612A Yanmar Cable 3 Pins
  • JDC 613A Suzuki Cable 8 Pins
  • JDC 614A* Mercury Cable 2 Pins
  • JDC 616A Suzuki Cable 4 Pins
  • JDC 617A DTS Mercury/Mercruiser Cable
  • JDC 618A9 Volvo Penta KAD/KAMD/TAMD Cable
  • JDC 602A BRP Seadoo Cable
  • JDC 660M BRP Seadoo Cable Key Programmer
  • JDC 610A Kawasaki Cable 4 Pins
  • JDC 641M Kawasaki Power Cable 6 Pins
  • JDC 661M Yamaha Key Programmer Adapter
  • JDC 662M Kawasaki Key Programmer Adapter
  • JDC 217.9 Deutsch 9 pin type 2 green
  • JDC 505A CAT cable
  • JDC 528A Volvo Penta 8 pins diagnosis cable (V3,V4)
  • JDC 538A Yanmar Cable 6 Pins




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